Whether you can live a way you will not regret if you live as the teacher and familiar adults say

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Hello, I am Harada Kota, representative of SenKuSya.
Today I will talk about our corporate philosophy.
Now I have two services. Seminar project and programming.
First of all, it is about what I wanted to do for the seminar project.

There was a time when I was ecstatic before, nobody is already the highest in my opinion,
There was a time when I thought that there was no longer anyone to teach.
Actually it is a friend, a family member or a superior one, even if talking with such a person, I do not get convinced something.
Absolutely my idea is better. I thought so.

And at some point I suddenly began to read a book.
Originally I was aiming at the medical department, so I was trying hard at studying from the time of elementary school.
But, when the exam was taken, that dream collapsed.
Well, there was a way to ronin, but I was feeling strongly that I wanted to leave Kagoshima, I could not think of a ronin in the local.
(ronin is students who have failed entrance exams and are currently studying for next year’s.)

And then happened to have friends Steve Jobs believers at that time.
He has been saying about 5 years since junior high school student.
So, I thought what kind of person he is, and I read the autobiography of Steve Jobs.
I really dislike books because only I was talking about boring content books, so it took about two months to finish reading.

So, I finished reading and thought like this.
What a wonderful person existed in this world.
He is still my respecting person, I am a target person.

Reading his autobiography, what do you think he was doing in my year?
He was selling a device called a Blue Box that could tell used free of charge.
Then I dropped out of college and went to a company called Atari with his casually of hair and shabby clothes,
He was like saying “I will not return until they hire me.”
And, as a result He worked and started his business at his parents garage at the age of 21.

Oh, I thought that there is such life.
At the same time I thought that it was not a time when it was set to be in a long way.

But I guess that way of living is not taught at school or society.
As it is commonplace, if you are out of college and serve as a good company, even the best route, everyone tell us so.
I do not deny such a way of life.
But, I think you want to know another way of living.
That sort of knowledge will certainly help you when you think “that, something is wrong”.

Therefore, I want you to know various ways of living, ideas, skills etc.
Especially for young people. Because I want you to live a way you will not regret from now on.

With such a will, I will give everyone a thing to think from the bottom of my heart that it will surely be useful in future life
I would like you to know through seminars.
I want to tell you all what I have absorbed and what I will learn from now.
I want everyone to live better, that is my corporate philosophy.

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